Chloe Goodnough

Video Intern
Graduate, Marist College

“I can say with confidence that the FORM internship has been the most invaluable two months of my life. I have never had such incredible practical learning experiences, even in four years of college. During my time with Wray Ward, I attended and helped with five different video/photography shoots outside of the office. I worked as a production assistant, helping the crew with whatever was needed; in the meantime, I observed, learned and even shot some video with the motion team.”


Jesse Diebolt

Graphic Design Intern
Senior, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“FORM 2016 was a group effort among peers, but it all started with our leaders. I loved getting feedback from President and Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer Appleby, and Creative Director Vivian Mize... I love agency life and the culture Wray Ward has built. Awesome work is built by awesome teams, and nothing beats working in an environment that thrives on the idea of 'We, Not Me.'”


Alex Lam

Client Engagement & Project Management Intern
Senior, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“This internship was filled with awesome, unexpected experiences. But the best part was being able to lead our amazing team of interns in the development of a full-fledged campaign. The rest of the FORM interns are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. We bonded almost immediately, sharing many ideas, stories and lunches featuring the finest Southern cuisine. In eight weeks of working together, we came up with a campaign targeted toward millennials — our peers. FORM was a demanding but fun experience, and I’ll never forget it.”


Maidenly Pham

Copywriting Intern
Senior, Appalachian State University

“I didn’t think I’d be researching astronomy, rotisserie chicken or NASCAR this summer, but at some point, I learned about all of those things. As random as they might seem, they all pertained to various projects. I also got to attend voice-over sessions, write web and print copy, take charge of branding and do lots of other things I never expected to be able to do as an intern. Not only did I get to watch brilliant people create brilliant work, I got to be a part of it.”


Aleah Howell

UX Design & Development Intern
Graduate Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Getting individual feedback is valuable, and it’s not something I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness of everyone on the digital team (and all staff) to put down what they were doing to help me learn and improve. My mentors helped me understand the digital process, invited me to meetings, guided me through lines of code and gave me feedback on my digital designs.”


Kayla Prior

Public Relations Intern
Senior, Elon University

“Together, the other FORM interns and I explored new things — and not just in the office. Thanks to weekly intern lunches, we test-drove at least one new restaurant every week; I devoured foods my Boston-bred taste buds had never tried, like real Southern barbecue, pimento cheese and fried pickles (all best washed down with a can of Cheerwine).”


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