You'll become a key part of our agency team, while also working closely with other FORM interns on an actual project for a client or community initiative. You’re going to take real-world problems, think up solutions and then (this is the hardest part) figure out how to turn your ideas into something tangible. In other words, you’re not just going to get a closer look at agency life. You’re going to live it the way we do every day.




UX Design & Development

You are a mere mortal, and yet to your family and friends, you are a tech god. You fix problems with a user-first mentality, some wireframes, HTML and a lil’ CSS. But first, you might want to try turning it off and on again.



Even your text messages could be put up for a Pulitzer Prize. You’ve got big ideas, an even bigger vocabulary and probably a blog from middle school you’re embarrassed about.


Public Relations

You’ve emerged from your content cocoon as a full-on social butterfly. Insta, Snap, Pinterest, you’re all over it. You’re the #first one to #know what is #trending and #why. And when it comes to earned media such as press releases and articles, you're all about that AP style.


Graphic Design

CMYK, RGB, EPS, AI, JPG, OMG! All you want in life is to make this crazy, messed up world a more beautiful place and you aren’t afraid to use every application in the Adobe Creative Suite to do it.



All those technical awards at the Oscars no one even understands? You get it. From shooting to editing, music selection to color correction, you know how to bring every element together to tell one hell of a story.


Client Engagement & Project Management

They don’t call it brand championing for nothing. You’re like what would happen if Hermione got her hands on a Time-Turner and a DeLorean at the same damn time. Details give you life, so if you liked playing the Sims, you’re going to love directing our teams IRL.


Digital Media

You’re no fool. You can spot #sponcon from a mile away. And if getting seen is the goal, you know how to use every post, search result and video break to give your big ideas an even bigger audience.





Real talk: it’s super awkward when you’re interviewing for jobs right out of college and they’re all like “so tell us about your experience” and you’re all “um, I walked my neighbors’ dogs one summer.” With FORM, you get real experience and work samples that employers actually care about.



You remember money, right? We will pay you actual money that you can put in the bank (or, let's be real, into the hands of your nearest bartender or student loan collector). Which is awesome, because $$$! Awww yiiisss. But it also means you won’t be goofing off all day. You’re getting paid so you’re going to be doing actual work, too. That’s how jobs work.



Want to test-drive your future career or take a chance on something you have zero experience in? Do you have the big stuff mostly figured out, but what you really need is general advice on how to make your work better? Get yourself an internship that can do both.



When you’re in college, you mostly know your dorm mates and, well, it’s not likely they will be immediately hiring postgrad. In fact, you might both be fighting for the same job like you fought over that last box of mac and cheese. So, it’s super helpful to know people who are already working in your chosen field. They might be hiring or know people who are, and they’ll probably be willing to be a “reference available upon request” on your resume. FORM gives you a leg up, so you can ride off into the sunset with your dream career.



Is there anything more academically enriching than a nice, cold alcoholic beverage (or a frosty La Croix if you're under 21)? In the creative agency life, sometimes you have to crack a few cold ones to make an omelet. In our downtime at Wray Ward, we like to discuss the big questions in life, so bring your Yanny/Laurel hot takes and Ben Affleck back tattoo theories — we are dedicated in our mission to find answers. We hope you share our passion.

*But seriously, no beer for you minors. Sorry, kids. Until you hit 21, you’ll be hitting up the soda machine.



Learn more about the CLASS OF 2018, CLASS OF 2017 and CLASS OF 2016.



Why the hell is it called FORM? 

So, college is this super weird time in life, right? It’s like your whole life is this sketchbook and you’ve got all these blank pages to fill (major, career, identity, preferred beer pong technique, etc.). We’ve designed FORM to give you the guidance and space you need to get a head start, figure things out or explore something new, and take a chance you might otherwise not have the opportunity to take. It’s the platform you need to get informed, perform at a higher level and ultimately transform who you are. 

When does this thing run? I have summer plans, you know.

FORM begins on June 3 and ends on August 2. For those of you doing the math, this nine-week span includes a weeklong vacation between July 1 and July 5.

What are the hours like? 

8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Some days it might be a little longer, but we pretty much keep it to those hours. Also, 8:30 doesn’t mean roll in sometime before noon. 8:30 means 8:30.

What if I need to miss a couple of days because I have to go to the beach for my annual family reunion? Nana doesn’t have many years left!

We can probably work with you on that. Now, if you need to take a week off, that’s a different story.

Do I need to bring a computer?

Nah, girl/dude. We got you. 

So like, how nice do I need to dress? Do I need to buy a suit?

We’re on the casual side of business casual. You don’t need slacks or a tie or pantyhose (weird combo, but whatever, you do you). Jeans and sneakers are fine. If you wear a suit, we’re all going to assume you’re going to a funeral. Sorry for your loss. 

Oh sweet! So I can wear my flip-flops and short shorts.

Um, no. This isn’t a beach house. When in doubt, just remember that dressing nicer than everyone else makes you look suave AF. Just take a peep at what the folks here wear and you’ll figure it out in a day or two.

Can I sleep at the office? I don’t have anywhere to live.  

The office doubles as a rave venue and a bingo hall at night, so you can’t live here. Not actually true, but if you need some advice on where to look for housing, we can help point you in the right direction. Don’t let Craigslist deter you from your dreams. There is inexpensive student housing available in Charlotte. 

My question wasn’t answered on this page. I feel so lost and alone.

Take three deep breaths and then hit up Talent Development Director Caroline Armstrong at She’ll set you straight.


FORM is awesome. You’re awesome. It’s a perfect match! Fill out the application below and tell us why your particular brand of kickassery is exactly what FORM needs.

Our submittal process has closed for 2019. Please check back later this year to inquire about submittal dates for 2020. If you have any questions, drop Talent Development Director Caroline Armstrong an email at FORM@WRAYWARD.COM.

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Candidates must possess authorization to work in the United States, as it is not the practice of Wray Ward to sponsor individuals for work visas.

Wray Ward is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.